Services: Research


  • Daily Supervision of Buy Box Permanence
  • Suitability and economic research of the products
  • Keyword Research (Google Keyword Tool, Yoast, Goole Trends, Moz)
  • Easily Track Your Competitor's Actual Sales Volume

Daily Supervision of Buy Box Permanence

Having the Buy Box is the single most important thing to take into account when it comes to selling on Amazon. Basically, if you don’t have it, the chances of selling a product are minimal, except when you are the only seller.

Having the Buy Box ensures that you are in the pole position when it comes to selling. If you don’t have it, buyers will most likely buy your product from another seller. The parameters that will grant you the Buy Box are various but the most important of all are “price”, “seller feedback” and “longevity of your account”.

Nowadays, even if you have the Buy Box you need to keep an eye on it permanently and there are no software programs that can do this for you. Basically, you need to check every day whether you own the Buy Box on a specific product or not. There can be legitimate sellers that are selling your product at a lower price or even the dreaded hijackers who do not have your product but would sell it anyway in order to hack and scam the system. All these players can take the precious Buy Box away from you and you need to be aware.

In order to keep a constant eye and make sure the Buy Box is not lost, we offer you the perfect solution. One of our specialists or account managers will check your listings on a daily basis in order to make sure that everything runs as it should. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and send you an email every time you lose the Buy Box.

Keyword Research (Google Keyword Tool, Yoast, Goole Trends, Moz)

Keyword Research is a crucial part of an Amazon business. Without it, almost any efforts you make in the ranking and positioning of your products will be in vain.

You need to perform an exhaustive Keyword Research for each of your listings and find out what keywords are the ones that are most relevant and will drive the most sales. Once you know what category you will be selling on, you need to use tools that are readily available such as the following:

AMZassistance has VIP access accounts to all these software tools and we will use them to provide you with the best Keyword Research there is. Knowing which keywords best fit you are the first step to success in an Amazon business.

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Easily Track Your Competitor's Actual Sales Volume

Knowing what your competitors are doing is always important. On Amazon, it’s even more important as competitors are always lurking around to take any chance they can.

AMZassistance works with Jungle Scout to run this analysis for you. We will provide sales volume per month for up to 20 competitors so that you don’t have to do all this leg work. Collect all of the data you need to assess the competition of a product or niche – track sales, reviews, best sellers rank and more without having to do any work

These are some of the things that Jungle Scout can also do for you. Please consult with your representative in order to learn more.

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Product Database
Effortlessly search and filter through thousands of items and find out what sells. Designed for sellers, the product database gives you all of the key metrics you need to make data-backed purchasing decisions.

Product Tracker

Save hours of time with the hassle-free product tracker, making manual research and excel a thing of the past. Automatically track products to double-down on your initial product research or keep a close eye on every move your competitors make.

Niche Hunter

Become a powerful seller with inside information that becomes a catalyst for your next big product. Find exciting new revenue streams in new niches, and stay ahead of Amazon consumer trends.

Unlimited Database Filtering

Find your perfect product idea in one click by filtering the largest Amazon product database. Refine your search based on key seller metrics, like demand, competition and depth of market.

Unique Seller Catalogue

Behind the database sits a comprehensive, reverse engineered Amazon product catalogue for sellers. Find the products and data that matters to you!

Accurate Estimated Sales

Find out what sells well already from the most expansive and reliable estimated sales data. Powerful data at your fingertips.

Low Competition Opportunities

Eliminate the guesswork and scout out which products sell and which niches have high opportunity.

Great Support!

The Jungle Scout Web App is the Amazon sellers smartest toolkit with the smartest customer support team. So if you need a hand, our friendly, round-the-clock team will be there for you.