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Great Deals for Shoppers - Great Business for Sellers

Vipon deals community is an online Main Street — It’s where real small business owners can get their products in the hands of shoppers who care.

If you’re an Amazon seller, increase your sales!

  • Skyrocket your daily sales numbers and increase sales velocity
  • Launch new products and get traction quickly
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How Vipon Works

Shopper applies for a product deal

Apply to an exclusive product deal from a shop you see on Vipon's Main Street

Seller approves shopper

The seller approves your application and sends you a coupon code for a huge discount

Shopper receives a great product

You use the coupon code to get a deal on your item, it arrives at your door, and you get to show it off to your friends and family

Seller connects with our community

You've helped a small business owner build their business, make a connection and grow our community